Freedom to Work

The MCHRA New Freedom’s Program, Freedom to Work, is designed to assist individuals with disabilities by providing transportation to work or work-related activities.

Freedom to Work Program Requirements:

  • Participants must meet 100% of Health & Human Services (HHS) poverty guidelines.
  • Participants must have a documented disability.
  • Participants must be going to work or a work related activity.
  • Eligibility recertifications are performed every six (6) months. If the Participant is not able to be reached by the case manager, service will be suspended until further communication has been established and the eligibility process is performed.

To request an application or for additional information on our Freedom to Work Program, please contact Robin Coulombe at 615.850.3929.

IIIB Program

MCHRA has a program called IIIB. This program provides no-cost trips for seniors 60+ that reside within our service area. Trips are limited to available funding, so if you are 60+, please contact your local MCHRA Public Transit Dispatcher to schedule a ride today!

Our IIIB Program is funded by The Greater Nashville Regional Counsel (GNRC) through Title IIIB of the Older American’s Act, with a ten percent (10%) match provided by MCHRA. Transportation services are scheduled on a first-call, first-served basis with priority given for medical appointments.


Travel Training            



Our New Freedom’s Travel Training Program is a personalized one-on-one training program that focuses on the following information: 

  • Understanding the MCHRA Public Transportation System.
  • How much does it cost and how to pay for transportation.
  • How and when to make appointments for transportation.
  • Personal safety while riding public transportation.
  • Actual riding with the Travel Trainer.


The Travel Trainer has many helpful tips and tools to help you become familiar with every aspect of the wonderful world of riding public transportation!

Our mission is to assist people with limited transportation options. This program helps participants learn how to ride safely and comfortably, giving them back their independence and ability to complete daily errands as needed. The service itself is a free service. The trainee is only expected to pay for his or her future fares. The first ride is on us!

For more information please contact Anna Perry at 1.800.945.4125 or