Frequently Asked Questions
What is MCHRA Public Transit?

The curb-to-curb rural public transportation service of the Mid-Cumberland Human Resource Agency. The service is provided by regular and lift-equipped vehicles in 12 Upper Middle Tennessee Counties. MCHRA Public Transit is a public, not-for-profit agency.

Who Can Ride?
Service is open to the general public on a first-call, first-served basis with priority given for medical trips.

How Can I Schedule a Ride?

Rides are scheduled on a first-call, first-served basis as scheduling permits. We do give priority for medical trips.We request a 24-hour notice for in-county trips and a 72-hour notice for out-of-county trips. Making advance reservations is necessary so we can accommodate as many requests as possible.

What is the Schedule?        

Contact your local county office for scheduling.

Schedule subject to change prior to client pick-up. Driver can only wait 5 minutes due to scheduled route.

Does MCHRA Service Davidson County?

While MCHRA is often seen transporting people to locations within Davidson County from our outlying counties, MCHRA does not provide transportation services within Davidson County. If you need transportation services within Davidson County, please contact Nashville MTA at 615.862.5950.